What's Rockscience?  Well it ain't RockET Science (see what I did there?)  Rockscience Audio is my studio.  I used to be very very active in the studio biz before I got sucked up by the corporate world.  It's much easier to pay the mortgage now but much less fun.  I still keep my hands (and ears) in it and I still tinker around with various music software projects.

I'm trying to collect all the music related stuff here on Rockscience.net.   There's the studio, but additionally I've got a couple software projects that I work on from time to time.  They will never be done (software never is) but one day they might actually work.   One project is called Lyric-Inspire!   I've built a pretty gynormous database of linked phrases culled from the internet and have a simple UI to navigate between. The idea is to inspire streams of consciousness when writing lyrics.   The other thing is called Spasus.   Spasus is a acoustic analysis project that's unlike most others you may have experience with.  Most anaylizers concern themselves with the static frequency response of a space.  I feel (I and I think there is wide agreement in this) that this is virtually meaningless to how accurately you can listen to music and make judgments.  The way more important thing is the time-decay characterisitics of the room at different frequencies.  This is what Spasus attempts to measure.

If you're wondering if I'm that same Bob guy who used to be a lead software engineer at Cakewalk, yep that's me.  It was an amazing experience.  At first anyway.  Now it mostly causes me PTSD

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My other passion is Sailing.  I've been doing it since 2007 and I'm a bit of an addict.   In 2012, I earned my Captain's License.  In 2013, we decided to try some chartering.  So hence is born All Hands Sailing Charters, LLC.