ANDROID Apps!!!!

The Captain's Blog


I do lots of blogging on our sailing trips.  It's really time consuming.  I've looked around for a good logging/blogging app for the iPhone or Android.  There are a few simple ones out there but nothing as sophisticated as what I wanted.

So I'm working on this app to capture Chapters, Log Entries and Tracks while underway. It uses Graphical widgets for wind, waves, speed and heading so there is an absolute miniumum of typing.

Once this data is captured, it can PUBLISH the results to google Blogger.  It also uploads all the Track and LogEntry data to my own google app-engine service that persists that stuff in the cloud.  This same webapp also serves up a very slick map with all locations plotted.

Here is a test blog entry generated from the app

Here is the map rendering webapp  This can be posted on facebook or hosted in an iframe in any blog

Here is what the chapter editor screen looks like on the Android.  There is a title and content for the blog, but also a series of log entries.  A track is recorded and shown on the map and any log entries are shown with pins on the map.  There are also photos associated with the chapter that will be uploaded to picasa when the chapter is published.



And here is the entry screen for a Log Entry.  The idea is to make it as simple as possible to enter the data.  I know how busy you can be while sailing and so this has to be quick.  It captures all the pertenent data and allows free text for the log entry.



The Spasus project is continuing.  Spasus is a room acoustic analysis application.   A crude alpha version is here.  Please enjoy a google charts display of the decay times at 36 different frequencies of my control rooom:


Lyric Inspire!

I started working on Lyric Inspire a few years ago.  I wanted to make some tools that would help unblock the blocks when writing lyrics.  I wrote a "content generator" that would spelunk over the internets and build a database of linked phrses.   It also does some simple part-of-speech (POS) analysis on the phrases and builds that into the database as well.  I also experimented with some "emotional content analysis" of the phrases and the phrases are rated on the strengths of various positive and negative emotions.  At least I try.

Lyric Inspire! is currently a web applicaiton with a GWT (Google Web Toolkit) front-end. It allows you to search through the thoughts in the database and displays the associated thoughts.  The encountered Nouns and Verbs are also accumulated on the page as you navigate between Thoughts.   It also surrounds the page with images that are associated with the key words of the thoughts as you view them.  The roadmap is to scrap GWT and make the web app really just a web-service API.  The web UI can then be re-written with jQuery or someting.  Being a web-service API will make it easiest (I think) to ultimately make this an iOS / Android app.

Anyway, here it is in it's current form