Pre-Modded Mics

Don’t want to put your own mic under the knife? We’ve done it for you! These custom microphone mods are finished to your specifications including circuit topology (transformerless, transformer-coupled), capsule type and other options. After a short turn-around time, your mic is heading your way fully tested, burned in and sounding awesome! We have rescued these donor bodies from the internets and are ready to fully rebuilt them with our components. Stock is always changing so check back often or contact us for the latest.

These mics are rebuilt by hand with great care and love for tone using discrete high quality components.

This mic has a wonderfully low noise floor and beautiful, soft detail on the high end. Absolutely clear and focused on the high end but not that strident/harsh top end you’d expect from anything on the cheaper side…” – Brad N.

Current Inventory

Our Own RS Custom Studio Mics

Our own custom microphones are not built into any donor body. They are built from scratch into imported 44mm BM800 style bodies. The result are these amazing little RS studio microphones at a very affordable price.

The first iteration – the RS/47 – was transformerless using our discrete jaSb board and k47 style capsule. After development of the BFM transformer-coupled circuit, we have the RS/47T. And now, we can build these with a CK12-style edge-terminated capsule as the RS/12 and RS/12T. For our ‘T’ Builds, we offer a choice of three transformers (including CineMag). All versions have an optional internal pattern switch to choose between Cardioid and Omni. Without the switch, the mics are fixed cardioid.

The mics are built into a sleek 44mm BM800 style body. I sourced a high quality gold plated XLR output connector from an American supplier to make it nice end-to-end. The performance is equivalent to any of the other rebuilds we do because they are using the same components.

If you have ever wanted a fully custom microphone built to order, or have any questions about the RS/47, RS/47T, RS/12, RS/12T or any of our other builds, please contact us.