Bob Damiano’s Music

Over the years, I have found time to actually do some of my own music. As long as I had a recording studio, it seemed like a good idea at the time. I go by Robert’s Reason for the music. If you look hard enough, you can actually find some of this stuff on iTunes and Spotify and whatever other streaming services the kids are listening to now.

Sorry, Kid is a song I originally recorded in 2005. Re-imagined, re-produced, re-sung, re-mixed and re-mastered in 2004 and finally calling it “Done”

Here is a small set of songs recorded or finished since moving to Newport. Room For Clarity was the demo project included with Cakewalk SONAR when I worked there during the 2000s.

Here is my “first record” released on CD back in the early 90s. I remastered it and made it available on the streaming services.

My Artist Page on Spotify


Some of my songs with Vocals

Instrumental Stuff on Soundcloud