MXL 990 Rebuilds

These mics are very common and are a very inexpensive entry-level mic which has gotten many musicians and engineers started. Eventually, the mic is outgrown and it will be pushed to the back of the mic cabinet. It’s time to bring it out and give it new life! The 990 is a great mic to rebuild. Despite its low cost, it is mechanically very solid. When we’re done with it, you have a very solid professional mic that you will find many uses for. Have questions? Contact me!

I didn’t realize how much mud/color the stock 990 has… fab mic! TYSM

The Mod

I replace the small (24mm) MXL capsule with a Brass Ring K47 Style Capsule. The MXL minimal Schoeps circuit is replaced with the 990 version of my all-discrete jaSb circuit. This board uses high quality, low noise components throughout and unlike some other DIY or upgrade boards will perform perfectly over a wide range of Phantom Power Voltage.

I can build the circuit with or without the optional internal pattern switch. I highly recommend upgrading the headbasket to the the improved one from (the same great people behind Roswell mics!). This gives the mic a final polished professional look and eliminates some of the problems with the MXL headbasket.