MXL v63m Mic Mod

MXL v63m Microphone Mod

The MXL v63m is a low cost microphone which makes an excellent donor body. The body frame has a decent weight to it and MXL put a nice quality headbasket on this mic which looks and performs well. The stock v63m can be transformed into a high quality vocal or instrument microphone. Read more about our Mic Mods here.

Why Upgrade?

The v63m uses a k67 style capsule which has an exaggerated top end. It is coupled with a low cost linear circuit which does not compensate for this extra bright tone. The result is the typical ‘china mic’ tone which is sibilant, harsh and thin. The stock v63m also has a fairly high self-noise (according to their own specs). Our mod/rebuild will resolve these issues.

Custom Mic Options

Like all of our custom mic mods, we can rebuild your v63m as a Transformerless or Transformer-Coupled type. What’s the difference? Our Transformerless jaSb (just another Schoeps board) circuit is a very pristine accurate circuit with great transient response and relatively little extra color. Our Transformer-Coupled BFM circuit is based on the classic Neumann KM84 circuit adapted for a Large Diaphragm Capsule. We typically use a high quality CineMag Transformer but there are other options as well. In general, the BFM gives us an extra bit of transformer color or mojo. There is some extra fatness in the lows and low-mids due to the harmonic distortion of the transformer as well as a subtle bit of dynamic compression on transients.

For capsules, we can use a Center Terminated k47 style or an Edge Terminated CK12 style. What’s the difference? The K47 gives us a harmonically rich mid-forward classic tone that you think of coming from the great Neumann microphones. Our k47 capsule is a high quality approximation of the Neumann Capsule. Never sibilant or harsh but with a wonderful clean top-end. The CK12 is the AKG-ish flavor and has a more hi fi extended silky top end. The CK 12 works great in both of our circuitry variations, but are more commonly used with Transformer Builds as the extended top end tends to balance out the beefy lows and low-mids of the transformer.

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