MXL 4000 Capsule Upgrade



This is an upgrade to your MXL 4000 microphone.

The MXL 4000 is a large, heavy, solidly built Transformerless LDC Mic.  Similar to the Rode NT2, it features a nice implementation of a Schoeps style circuit. The switching versatility goes a bit beyond the NT2 with a three-pattern switch (cardioid/omni/figure-8) on the front and independent pad and filter switches on the rear.  Like many well intended Schoeps style mics, they used a very bright 32mm k67-ish capsule which when paired with the linear circuit yields a nearly unusably bright and sibilant microphone.

The fix is simply to swap the capsule with one of our k47 style 34mm capsules which have a much more linear response.

Since we’re reusing the electronics and switches, we will test your mic on arrival at the shop to validate the performance. If there are any issues with the electronics or switches, we will return the mic and refund your purchase. 

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 12 × 8 in


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