MXL 4000 Capsule Upgrade

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This is an upgrade to your MXL 4000 microphone.

The MXL 4000 is a large, heavy, solidly built Transformerless LDC Mic.  Similar to the Rode NT2, it features a nice implementation of a Schoeps style circuit. The switching versatility goes a bit beyond the NT2 with a three-pattern switch (cardioid/omni/figure-8) on the front and independent pad and filter switches on the rear.  Like many well intended Schoeps style mics, they used a very bright 32mm k67-ish capsule which when paired with the linear circuit yields a nearly unusably bright and sibilant microphone.

The fix is simply to swap the capsule with one of our k47 style 34mm capsules which have a much more linear response.

Since we’re reusing the electronics and switches, we will test your mic on arrival at the shop to validate the performance. If there are any issues with the electronics or switches, we will return the mic and refund your purchase. 

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 12 × 8 in

2 reviews for MXL 4000 Capsule Upgrade

  1. Tommy Norton (verified owner)

    I reached out to Rock Science and Bob about modding my MXL 4000 as I saw the project on the website. I couldn’t be more pleased or satisfied with both the work and the correspondence! The communication throughout the process was stellar! After hearing the modded mic, I was so impressed with the improved sound, that I bought another and had Bob mod that out to have a stereo pair! Bob went well above the call of duty to get me the mic for a long weekend so I could put it through its paces! Awesome!

    I am going to have Bob modify another two mics for sure and who knows beyond that! The process and the end result were so much a fun, collaborative and exciting experience, I can’t wait to get started! I couldn’t recommend any service more highly! You’ve found your mic modification company!

  2. Tommy Norton (verified owner)

    Bob and Rock Science created a wonderful new microphone for me, that Bob had already built for himself, from the donor body of a MXL 910 LDC mic. Bob and I discussed our options, I came up with a few mics that I could envision myself using and we started with the one Bob had suggested!

    Bob turned the mic around quickly and got it right back to me! Bob painted the mic the color I asked for and it looks amazing! That got me excited! I spent the rest of the night listening to the mic under different conditions and then spent (3) hours singing and performing vocal takes with it! I could use very subjective terms to describe what the mic sounded like or was doing to the audio, but I’ll let you determine those! The mic has such an organic sound and true analog warmth and breadth. I couldn’t have been happier!

    Bob’s very apt descriptions of audio characteristics and sound fundamentals was true to form! The mic sounded and performed much as I had hoped and anticipated! This made the decision to order the next mic very easy!

    I hope this testimonial aids in informing your decision to work with Rock Science LLC. You will not be disappointed!

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