MXL-990 Microphone Upgrade


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This is an upgrade to YOUR microphone. 

Standard Upgrade:

  • Replace MXL SDC capsule with a LDC “K-47 style” capsule
  • Replace MXL Electronics with a our jaSb-990 circuit board (Cardioid Only)


  • Internal Cardioid/Omni Pattern Switch.
  • Improved Headbasket from
  • Capsule Only (keep stock MXL electronics)

Contact me first if you have any questions about the upgrade or the options. Once you choose the option and checkout, we will give you another link where you can enter your tracking info when you ship the mic to RockScience. Turn-around time is normally pretty fast. We can usually finish your mic within a day or two of receiving it and then we like to burn them in for another day before we ship them back.

Please note that the improved headbasket from mic-parts does not have the cardioid emblem on the front as shown in some of the photos.

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 25 × 15 cm

Standard: Capsule & Electronics (Cardioid Pattern), Standard Plus Internal Pattern Switch, Standard Plus Mic Parts Headbasket, Standard Plus Internal Pattern Switch and Mic Parts Headbasket, Capsule Only (no Electronics)


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