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Finished MXL-990 Transformer Conversion Mod


Sold out!

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This is a Finished MXL 990 rebuilt as Transformer Coupled

This Transformerless MXL Mic is transformed into a whole new beast!  This one is built with an edge terminated CK12 style capsule for a silky extended top end and a boutique quality CineMag transformer for a fat harmonically rich tone and great dynamic response.

The BFM (Big F’n Microphone) circuit board is all discrete and individually hand-biased.  This mic is built with the optional internal pattern switch (cardioid/omni).  The capsule is carefully wired to the circuit with point-to-point wiring on high quality turrets. No corners are cut!

The stock MXL headbasket has had the inner mesh removed. We can also replace it with the high quality replacement from (subject to availability).

This mic does not include the MXL case or Mounts


  • Replace existing Headbasket with one from Mic-Parts
  • Boseen Shockmount

Contact me first if you have any questions about this mic or the options.

There is a modest drop in output level when putting the mic in omni mode with the internal pattern switch. The body must be unscrewed to access the switch.


Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 12 × 8 in


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