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Not A BM800!

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An cheap Amazon Mic given a new life in my shop!

Sold out!

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Here’s a fun one. My friend rescued a BM800 from craigslist for me.  It was non-functional and the seller was essentially giving it away for parts.  Although my RS/47 mics are essentially BM800-style bodies, this is was a real authentic cheap-o amazon quality BM-800 with a silly little capsule and a very minimal Schoeps style circuit (all surface mount).

I gave it the full treatment with a new Brass Ring k47 style capsule and my jaSb-800 board with the optional internal pattern switch.  It also got a cool two-tone paint job with vintage green and a black bottom ring.  The gold accent ring under the headbasket was already there.  This mic comes with no case or pouch, but I will include a shockmount with it.

That $20 amazon mic is now a pro-quality studio mic that can find uses in any studio. This mic has the same components as my RS/47 or any of the other transformerless upgrades I do.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 12 × 8 in

1 review for Not A BM800!

  1. Brad Nyght

    Killer microphone!
    I’ve owned and enjoyed quite a few handbuilt or modded mics (Michael Joly, Serrano Audio, plus other custom or modded mics with various Maiku, MicParts, Luke Audio, BeesNeez capsules) and thought I’d give this a try considering the great price.
    This mic has a wonderfully low noise floor and beautiful, soft detail on the high end. Absolutely clear and focused on the high end but not that strident/harsh top end you’d expect from anything on the cheaper side (or maybe in the vein of a lower end Rode mic)…
    Excited to try it out on my baby grand and other acoustic instruments for my scoring work.
    Thanks Bob!

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