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m-Audio Nova (Finish To Order)


Sold out!

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The m-Audio Nova is one of my favorite mics to mod and rebuild. It’s a mechanically solid, heavy mic with a great headbasket. It looks and feels great. And when we’re done, it also sounds amazing. The mic is fully gutted and rebuilt with our high quality components. Our BFM circuit is modeled after the KM84 but adapted for a large diaphragm capsule.

This Nova is partially rebuilt and ready to be finished to your specifications! You get to choose the Capsule Type and the optional internal Pattern Switch.

This build is using a CineMag 5722w transformer. The circuit is built with a Siliconix NOS J-Fet, a high quality Solen “Fast Cap” and low noise resistors. It will pair beautifully with our K47-style or CK12 style capsules – your choice!

This mic does not include any of the original packaging or shockmount.


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