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Pre-Modded m-Audio Nova “Vocalicious”


Sold out!

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The m-Audio Nova is one of my favorite mics to mod and rebuild. It’s a mechanically solid, heavy mic with a great headbasket. It looks and feels great. And when we’re done, it also sounds amazing. The mic is fully gutted and rebuilt with new capsule, electronics and transformer. Our BFM circuit is modeled after the KM84 but adapted for a large diaphragm capsule.

This Nova is rebuilt with a CK12-style Edge-terminated capsule and a CineMag transformer. The circuit is built with a Siliconix NOS J-Fet, a high quality Solen “Fast Cap” and Point-to-Point wiring of the capsule and FET.  This is the recipe for a fantastic vocal mic with all the silky top end and “air” you could want balanced with the warmth and fullness of the transformer. “Vocalicious” is the first word that comes to mind, but this mic is also wonderful on acoustic instruments, percussion and strings.

This build also includes the optional internal pattern switch so you can put the mic in Omni mode when you want it (the body must be unscrewed to access this switch).

I decided not to paint this one. The silver finish looks sharp and it is adorned with our standard ‘rS’ badge.  It is tested, burned in and ready to ship anywhere in the US.

This mic does not include any of the original packaging


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