Rebuilt MXL910 “Channel Markers” Pair


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I had two 910s to rebuild. Originally, I was going to make a “matched pair” of transformerless mics, but then I had the idea of making them cousins instead of twins. So one (red) has undergone a transformer conversion and is using my BFM transformer board. The other (green) is a transformerless mic using my jaSb board.

Being an avid sailor, I decided to call these the “Channel Marker” pair.  I’m bundling them together at a very nice price and this is a great way to get two flavors added to your studio.  They both sound great. The transformer boards have a little more going on harmonically and a subtle bit of compression on transients.

The green one was originally a Michael Joly (MJE) build.  As such, the inner layer of mesh is removed from the headbasket.

Both mics are configured for Cardioid Pattern only. No shockmounts are included. I strongly recommend the Boseen shockmount available on Amazon, Sweetwater and elsewhere for this and any other MXL mic.  Contact me  if you have any questions about these mics.



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