RØDE NT2 Capsule Replacement

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Bring your NT2 to the front of your locker by replacing the over-bright stock capsule with a flatter more naturally voiced K47-style capsule.


This is an upgrade to your RØDE NT2 microphone.  It is valid only for the later transformerless version.

The NT2 is a nicely designed transformerless mic. It features a nice implementation of a Schoeps style circuit designed by Jim Williams. The versatility of the mic is extended with a pattern switch (cardioid/omni) on the front and a three way Pad/Filter switch on the rear.  Like many well intended Schoeps style mics, they used a very bright k67 style capsule which when paired with the linear circuit yields a nearly unusably bright and sibilant microphone.

The fix is simply to swap the k67 with one of our k47 style capsules which have a much more linear response.

Since we’re reusing the electronics and switches, we will test your mic on arrival at the shop to validate the performance. If there are any issues with the electronics or switches, we will return the mic and refund your purchase. 

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 12 × 8 in

1 review for RØDE NT2 Capsule Replacement

  1. Jonathan Hughs

    I had a Rode NT-2 from the mid 90s that I hadn’t used since probably the late 90s, as it was WAY too bright. I contacted Bob, and although he hadn’t converted an NT-2 before, he was willing to check it out. I sent it to him and he found that it was a high quality design, but the capsule was too bright for the rest of the circuit. He put in one of his K47 style mics, and now it sounds fantastic. Nice and smooth and not too bright. His customer service was fantastic, as well.

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