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Our own branded RS mic built in a transformerless configuration with a K47-style Capsule.  These bodies are lightweight and don’t have quite as robust of a “feel” as some other donor bodies, but the innards are the same great components we put into all of our builds. They get the job done very affordably!

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The badge is laser cut in nickel and allows the background color to show through the letters. We can apply one of several background colors for the badge. We can also optionally paint the entire body cylinder although in most cases we recommend against this.

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A very affordable way to add a cool mic to your locker!  Built into a sleek 44mm diameter body, this mic has the same all-discrete jaSb circuit and k47 style capsule as my other transformerless rebuilds.  The body is surprisingly small for an LDC making it very easy to sneak into tight places.

Available with or with out the optional internal pattern switch.  This switch selects Cardioid or Omnidirectional patterns.  The body must be unscrewed to access the switch.  There is a modest decrease in level in omni mode but still plenty of signal!

Without the switch, the pickup pattern is fixed Cardioid.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 12 × 8 in

2 reviews for RS/47 RockScience Custom Shop Mic

  1. Joe Rodriguez, Engineer / Producer

    It may be understated and unassuming, but don’t let the looks or size of the RS/47 fool you because it’s a sleeper that can keep up with anything you can throw at it.

    The sound is something special. It’s the first transformerless LDC I’ve heard that’s clear, but not bland. There’s not a bit of harshness and the top end somehow has a velvety smoothness without sacrificing any clarity or presence.

    There’s nothing that thrills me more than opening up a piece of modern gear and seeing that no corners have been cut. Bob D obviously takes pride in his workmanship and it shows. All discrete high quality components hand-mounted on a solid PCB of his own design inspires plenty of confidence. I appreciate the ability to replace a component on the off chance something goes bad, especially in this age of disposable electronics.

    I’m not sure how Bob has managed to make a mic this versatile (especially at this cost!), but he’s done it and done it WELL. The performance and quality to price ratio is incredibly high, so don’t be afraid to shoot it out against the more expensive and usual suspects. You’ll be more than pleasantly surprised.

    (Note: the ONLY reason I gave a 4-star rating is because I’m saving my 5-star for the transformer-coupled version! 😉 )

  2. Bob Dee

    I love this mic! It is such a clear and well-proportiond mic. I’ve been using it in my ISO booth to mic my Altec 417-8H. It’s a truly wonderful match with my TLM49. A top-notch build! And the price…come on, really? I’m really loving it. Thank YOU sir!

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