RS/47T RockScience Transformer-Coupled Microphone


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Built in a sleek 44mm “BM800 style” body, I use my standard BFM transformer coupled circuit and transformer adapter board. The capsule is the standard k47 style that I use in everything else and I use a high quality XLR output connector.

The body is surprisingly small for an LDC making it very easy to sneak into tight places.

Standard configuration includes

  • Fixed Cardioid Pattern
  • Matte Red Color


  • Internal Omni/Cardioid Pattern Switch (you must unscrew the body to access it)

Transformer Choices

  • CineMag (USA) 5722w. This is a very high quality transformer which is still moderately priced. It has a very full, even tone with great harmonic content and transformer crunch. Probably the best choice overall for most applications
  • The Tab-Funkenwerk (USA) T12 style. This is a more expensive transformer. It has a massively fat and full low and low-mid response. Although it has great high frequency response, you may perceive the overall tone as slightly dark because of the extra full lows and low-mids.  Note: Choosing this transformer may affect lead-time by a week or so.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 12 × 8 in

CineMag 5722 Transformer (USA), Tab-Funkenwerk T12 Transformer (USA)


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