Transformerless Microphone Rebuild

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This is a rebuild of YOUR microphone. Please contact me before purchasing.

This will cover most tall cylindrical mics from MXL, CAD and others as well as “bm800” style mics (the cheap amazon ones!)

Standard Upgrade

  • k47 style Brass Ring Capsule in Custom Mounting Cradle
  • All-discrete jaSb circuit board (Cardioid only)

Options Available:

  • Internal Cardioid/Omni Pattern Switch (you must open the mic to access it)
Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 25 × 15 in

Cardioid Only, With Internal Pattern Switch

2 reviews for Transformerless Microphone Rebuild

  1. Flip Hayes

    The MXL 550 & 551 mics were a quick and dirty purchase I made years ago thinking maybe, even if they were cheap, they might sound good. I used them occasionally but for a cheap price, you get a cheap sound. But, when I heard about RockScience’s mic rebuilds I jumped right in. Turnaround was pretty quick and as soon as I got my 550 back I couldn’t wait to hear the results. Amazing!! I’m using my 550 all the time now. The rebuilt 550 really gives a sweet sound to vocals. The difference is amazing. I’m doing a lot less processing on my DAW vocal tracks. I don’t have a great voice, or so I thought when using Shure SM 57’s, 58’s, etc. But now, this cheap guy –me — knows the value of using a quality mic; without spending a fortune!

  2. John X Volaitis

    I really love this microphone now. My MXL 440 has been sitting in a box for almost 20 years & I have never touched it.
    Since getting the mod, I have used it on vocals, acoustic/electric guitar, vocals & even a sarangi.
    I have used it more in the last month or two since this mod than I did in the last 18 years. It’s really got a beautiful warm sound to it.

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