Studio Projects B/C Capsule Replacement


Replace the overly-bright and sibilant capsule in your SP mic with a flatter K47-style capsule. These mics already have great electronics and can benefit from having the correct capsule!

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The Studio Projects  B and C mics are nice heavy, well designed Tansformerless LDC microphones.   The C1 has a combination pad and filter switch (Similar to the Rode NT2) which makes it even more versatile.  The B1, C1 and C3 circuits are built with very good components.

So what’s the problem?  Like many transformerless mics, SP used a K67-style capsule paired with a linear schoeps type circuit.  The result is an over-hyped top end and lots of sibilance.  This can be seen on their own published frequency response graph:

studio projects c1

The simple solution for this mic is to swap in a flatter K47-style capsule. The converted mic will have a smoother, fuller tone and still have great low noise performance of the original circuit. If you have Pad and filter switches, they will still work as before.



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