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This mic mod/rebuild applies to transformer-coupled mics such as the MXL2001 or M-Audio Nova (and many others). Your mic’s capsule, electronics and transformer are fully replaced drastically improving the tone and performance! This is a mic mod well worth doing. An optional internal pattern switch allows switching between Cardioid and Omni. Without the switch, the mic is fixed cardioid.

Your modified microphone will be returned after just a few days in our shop.

This is a rebuild of YOUR transformer-coupled micPlease contact me before purchasing. 

Standard Upgrade

  • k47 style Brass Ring or Ck12-style* Capsule in Custom Mounting Cradle
  • All-discrete BFM transformer coupled circuit (Cardioid only)

Transformer Choices

  • CineMag (USA) 5722w. This is a very high quality transformer which is still moderately priced. It has a very full, even tone with great harmonic content and transformer crunch. Probably the best choice overall for most applications
  • The Tab-Funkenwerk (USA) T12 style. This is a more expensive transformer. It has a massively fat and full low and low-mid response. Although it has great high frequency response, you may perceive the overall tone as slightly dark because of the extra full lows and low-mids.

*CK12 style capsule may not fit in all mics.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 12 × 8 in

CineMag Transformer, Tab-Funkenwerk T12 Transformer

1 review for Transformer-Coupled Mic Upgrade

  1. Vinnie (verified owner)

    Yes, I could have just purchased a higher quality mic. I already have several in my locker now, my goal was to take one of my first inexpensive mics that I had ever purchased and see what the outcome may be. If you’re at all considering doing the same, do it! Hey it’s no $10k mic now but the performance far exceeds my $600-$1k mics that I currently own. I have been using it for recording a female vocalist currently with amazing results. Very satisfied with the mod, and I highly recommend the upgrade. Thanks Rockscience.

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