Transformer Mic Upgrade


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For mics with Transformers (such as MXL2001), I would not be using my jaSb circuit board but instead the T-84 Kit from Mic Parts.  I build and test the kit and then use my k47 “Brass Ring” capsule and mount just like my other upgrades.  The T-84 kit is for mics with no external switches (like pad or filter).  If you have a Sterling Audio ST55 (or Groove Tubes GT55), we would use the T84-55 Kit which supports the switches on those mics.

I use the standard Mic Parts Transformer which I think has a very nice balance of clarity and transformer mojo.

Please Contact me before purchasing so I can get the parts in stock and arrange for you to ship your mic to me.



No External Switches Using T84 Kit, ST55/GT55 Mic using T84-55 kit


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