RockScience RS Series Microphones

While researching suppliers for the mic mods and rebuilds I do, I found a source for microphone bodies that looked interesting. The result is this amazing little RS series studio microphone.

I did the first iteration as a transformerless design using my all discrete jaSb board and k-47 style capsule. I call that the RS/47. After some design success with transformer-coupled mics, I offer the RS/47T. This mic has my standard BFM circuit and k-47 style capsule. I can build with the standard T8 (China) transformer or the fancy Tab Funkenwerk T12 transformer from AMI (USA). Both versions have an optional internal pattern switch to choose between Cardioid and Omni.

For Shockmounts, I have two options: A low cost plastic clamp-on style or the Boseen spider style.

The mics are built into a sleek 44mm BM800 style body. I sourced a high quality gold plated XLR output connector from an American supplier to make it nice end-to-end. The performance is equivalent to any of the other rebuilds I do because they are using the same parts as all my other builds.

If you have any questions about the RS/47 or any of our other builds, please contact me.