RockScience RS Series Mics

While researching suppliers for the rebuilds I do, I found a source for microphone bodies that looked interesting. I decided to see what I could build with them. This led to more design and custom fabrication work but the results are these amazing little RS series mics.

The first iteration of this was a transformerless design using my all discrete jaSb board and k-47 style capsule. I call that the RS/47 and it can be built with or without the internal pattern switch. With my later progress in transformer-coupled mics, I can offer the RS/47T. This mic will have my standard BFM circuit and k-47 style capsule. It can be built with the standard T8 (China) transformer or the fancy Tab Funkenwerk T12 transformer from AMI (USA).

For Shockmounts, I have two options: A low cost plastic clamp-on style or the Boseen spider style.

RS/47 Mic in a shockmount

The mics are built into a sleek 44mm BM800 style body. I sourced a high quality gold plated XLR output connector from an American supplier to make it nice end-to-end. The performance is equivalent to any of the other rebuilds I do because they are using the same parts as all my other builds.

If you have any questions about the RS/47 or any of our other builds, please contact me.