Transformerless Mic Upgrades

MXL (and others) make many different transformerless mic models which have a similar shape and size. Many of these mics have a small diaphragm capsule despite looking like an LDC mic. All of them can benefit from my upgrade even if they have a large capsule. I will install a Brass Ring K47 Style Capsule with custom mounting and my jaSb (just another Schoeps board) circuit. The k47 yields a much smoother, less hyped top end with a harmonically rich midrange and smooth extended low end. The jaSb circuit uses all-discrete premium high-tolerance, low noise components and functions perfectly over a wide range or phantom power voltages. Have questions? Contact me!

My standard jaSb circuit should fit in many transformerless mics from MXL (and others). It also fits perfectly in a cheap amazon-quality BM-800 mic! Here is a Partial List of mics our board should fit in. Contact Me if yours is not listed. MXL 2006, MXL 2008, MXL 910, MXL 909, MXL 870, MXL 550, MXL 440, MXL V250, MXL V63M, Tascam LD-74, MCA SP-1, Nady SCM-800, CAD Audio GXL2200, CAD Audio GXL2400, Scarlett Studio

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