Newport Recording Studio

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500 series rack and UA Twinfinity Preamps
mic mod
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The current iteration of RockScience is an incredible studio for sweetening, overdubs, editing and mixing. I can do full band tracking sessions as well. My specialty is working on projects collaboratively and remotely. I can can arrange and add background vocals, guitars, keyboards, percussion, drum programming and just about anything else to your projects. I can also take on mundane tasks like building a rock-solid accurate tempo map for your project (in Pro Tools, Cakewalk or Reaper), timing fixes, edit/cleanup, etc.

I’ve spent my life recording, playing and engineering music. Eventually, this led to a successful Software Engineering career including nine years at Cakewalk Music Software where I was one of the principal developers on SONAR (now Cakewalk by Bandlab).

The Mission…

I am mostly interesting in getting involved in the creative process. Depending on the level of collaboration, my rate is free or very modest.

The Stuff…

I kept many of my favorite pieces from the old days when I had a bigger semi-pro studio. These days, I can do much more with much less physical gear. A central console desk has 16u of outboard gear space. A Black Lion Audio “500-series” rack hosts a variety of very high-end Mic Preamps and other outboard gear. A Universal Audio 4-710d “twin-finity” preamp gives me four more channels of tube/transistor variations as well as a classic “FET” style compression. In my 500 rack, I have Neve and API flavored preamps. The monitor path consists of a Dangerous Audio D-Box+ and Focal Solo Be monitors. The room is a lovely mixing environment with a great balance of reverb time and diffusion. I also have a very live and diffuse space next to the mix room for tracking that sound.

In 2020, I launched my Custom Shop endeavor to explore building and upgrading microphones and other equipment. Since then, I am somewhat spoiled for choice when it comes to microphones. I have many different Large and Small Diaphragm Condensers at my disposal.


The Microphone collection is constantly changing as I am always building and upgrading new mics in my custom shop.

  • Large and ever-evolving collection of Large and Small Diaphragm Condenser mics – transformerless and trans-coupled from my mic mod shop.
  • (2) Shure SM57
  • Oktava MK012 SDC
  • Audix Drum mics

Software, Plugins

  • Pro Tools
  • Ableton Live
  • Cakewalk by Bandlab
  • Reaper
  • Native Instruments Kontact
  • Native Instruments Komplete 12
  • Iztope Ozone Mastering Suite
  • Magix Movie Studio
  • Waves SSL e/g Channels
  • Waves SSL g Buss Compressor
  • Various additional Waves plugins
  • XLN Addictive Drums II with various Kits

Monitors, Preamps, Etc., Etc

  • Focal Solo Be Studio Monitors
  • Vintage Realistic Minimus 7 monitors
  • Black Lion 500-series Rack
  • Universal Audio 4-710d Mic Preamps
  • Sound Skulptor 573 Mic Preamp (Neve-ish)
  • Golden Age Premier 573 Preamp (Neve ish)
  • 2x CAPI VP312 500 Series Mic Pre with Hi Pass Filter mod
  • 2x dbx 560a 500 Series Compressors
  • Dangerous Music D-Box+ Monitor Controller
  • Focusrite 18i20 Audio Interface
  • Presonus Faderport 16 moving fader control surface
  • dbx 162 Stereo Comp Limiter (mid-70s)
  • dbx 163x Comp/Limiter
  • Tube Works Vintage Class-A Tube DI