Microphone Mods

Microphone Mods, Upgrades & Rebuilds

I do full rebuilds of low cost LDC and SDC mics from MXL and others. LDCs can be Transformerless (TL) or Transformer Coupled (TC). SDCs are TC only. I also maintain a rotating stock of pre-modded mics which are ready to finish-to-order and ship. All pricing and option details for LDCs and SDCs are explained below. For specific questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. Or you can go straight to the Store and see all of the offerings.

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Mass Produced vs Not

It’s amazing that MXL can build a 990 or 910 and give it a street price of under 100 bucks. While they do a pretty good job with the mechanical design, they must cut every corner on the electronics and capsule to make that price. For high-volume manufacturers, this means mass-produced surface-mount Tech (SMT) circuit boards. Most MXL boards are based on the Schoeps design (as is my jaSb board). Our board is hand-assembled with point-to-point capsule wiring. We use high quality components including low-noise resistors and film capacitors in the audio path. FET Bias is optimally set on each mic. This attention to detail is lost in mass-produced mics.

mxl990 circuit
MXL990 Board (L) and our jaSb 990 (R)