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This is to replace the existing electronics in your Transformerless LDC mic with our Transformer-Coupled BFM circuit.  Do not purchase until you contact us with details about the mic. This is NOT recommended for MXL mics with stock SDC capsules (such as the 910, 550, etc). This should only be done when the mic has a true LDC capsule.

We will replace the stock electronics with our BFM board and Transformer Mounting Board.  The board will have the internal pattern switch (you must unscrew the body cylinder to access it).

Transformer Choices

  • The imported (China) T8 style.  This is low cost transformer which performs pretty well. It has a slightly thinner and brighter tone.
  • CineMag (USA) 5722w. This is a very high quality transformer which is still moderately priced. It has a very full, even tone with great harmonic content and transformer crunch. Probably the best choice overall for most applications
  • The Tab-Funkenwerk (USA) T12 style. This is a more expensive transformer. It has a massively fat and full low and low-mid response. Although it has great high frequency response, you may perceive the overall tone as slightly dark because of the extra full lows and low-mids.

Imported T8 Transformer, CineMag 5722 Transformer, Tab-Funkenwerk Transformer


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