SDC Pre-Modded Transformer-Coupled Mic


SDCs are here!  I’ve adapted the BFM transformer coupled circuit to fit in MXL “pencil ” mics.  The BFM was adapted from the Neumann KM84 for LDCs. The new TFM circuit is the small microphone of that – in other words, closer to the original intent for this circuit.  These Pre-modded mics are built to-order with your choice of transformer, and capsule(s).

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Transformer-Coupled SDC builds from RockScience with choice of Transformer and Capsules.  These mics feature our All-Discrete TFM Transformer-Coupled circuit, boutique quality transformer, point-to-point capsule wiring and capsules from 3U Audio.  These mics are built into various MXL pencil mic bodies with our all-discrete TFM transformer-coupled circuit.

A suspension shockmount is included.

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3U Audio GZT-84, Cinemag 5722w, AMI Tab-Funkenwerk


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