Latest Trash to Treasure

I’m always looking for MXL donor mics to upgrade. I saw this beauty on ebay a few weeks ago. Yikes!

Ran over with car? Dropped from 100 feet? Who knows

Despite appearances, this mic is actually an ideal donor body for me. I normally replace the headbasket anyway and that was where the primary damage was (I also keep a stock of a few clean 990 headbaskets). The main part I care about is the bottom cylinder and internal frame. These parts in the 990 are built like a tank so even this owner would be hard pressed to ruin those bits. The few minor scratches on the body will be sanded and painted over anyway.

Totally New Inside and Out

As usual, the MXL board and small capsule are removed and replaced with my jaSb900 board and K47 style “Brass Ring” capsule. I already had one in stock with the optional pattern switch so I added one to this mic too – and give it the new pretty blue color.

And now there are two

This new 990 joins one that I already had in stock. Same color, headbasket and capsule; and both have the optional pattern switch. They are tested, burned in, ready to ship and sound amazing!

It’s Twins!

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