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Microphone Care

No matter what mics are in your collection, you want to take care of them. No matter how cool or boutique or amazing a mic is, if you go to use it and it’s got a problem, it’s worthless at that moment.

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Microphone Repair

Our Mic Mods are effectively full rebuilds. So, if you have a broken mic, a mod will not only fix it, but drastically improve it!

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MXL 990 Microphone Mods

Depending on who you ask, the MXL 990 is either awful or amazing. I have mixed feelings about these mics. Despite their shortcomings, no one can argue that they are immensely popular. They come at a price point which puts them in the hands of many thousands of musicians, singers, producers and engineers. They’ve helped …

microphone Mods

Best Microphone Mods

It all started out as experiments with microphone parts, diy microphone kits and k47 capsules, and turned into the microphone mod service! Here are some of the best mics to modify from work I’ve done over the past year. Read on to see how we customize a microphone. MXL 990 Mod MXL 990s are everywhere. …

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CineMag is In The House!

From the beginning of my transformer mic build experiments, I had wanted to use a transformer which was as close to the original BV-107 found in the Neumann KM84 as possible. That’s because my BFM (Big F’n Microphone) board is a modern recreation of the KM84 circuit but adapted to LDC capsules. CineMag makes a …