Timmy May “Headed Down To Merlefest” Session

My first bluegrass project since the old days in NY with the Susquehanna Hat Co. Timmy played Guitar, and Mando. Jamie Lawton from the Fastnet Pub Band played fiddle. And I got to be sideman on bass, a little electric guitar and some background vocals.

This was the first session where I got to use the new Sound Skulptor MP573 Preamp Kit that I built a few weeks ago. I used it on the Mando and the Fiddle and one of the guitar mics. The guitar was mic’d in stereo with an SDC close up and a 414 LDC up above the body facing down.

Tim is such a great player (on all instruments), he makes it easy.

Jamie’s fiddle was done with the Michael Joly modified MK219 into the Sound Skulptor.

All vocals were done with the Joly Modified 990 into the Sound Skulptor.

The DAW of choice was Pro Tools and I made some use of the Waves SSL plugins on the mix.

Timmy put the final mix on youtube here:

YouTube player

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